Apparently May is Masturbation Month

I looked it up on the always accurate interwebs and yes, it’s real.  Complete with a Masturbate-a-Thon.  Which frankly just confuses me.  How do people sponsor you?  How do you prove that you…?  Is it a public event?

And why am I just learning about this now?  On May 31st.  All this time I’ve been participating in something and I didn’t even know it.

Frankly, why masturbation needs its own month is completely beyond me.  Isn’t the purpose of giving something a “Month” to raise awareness?  Am I in the minority here?  Because I am pretty aware of masturbation.

And what about the other 11 months?

Via The Huffington Post ~

Are there steps that can be taken to prevent people agonizing about masturbation? Yes, simple sex education from parents, whether or not with the support of a booklet or a good internet site, a few lessons at secondary school, and perhaps it would make good sense also in the education of social workers, nurses, doctors and psychologists to have a few lectures on evolutionary biology, since it is clear from that science that masturbation is not only a pleasurable but also a very meaningful activity. Evolutionary biologists see masturbation as an important aid in what is called the “sperm competition.” Sperm cells that have been stored for too long start to show abnormalities, such as abnormal heads, or no heads at all. For that reason a regular turnover – of between three and five days, it is estimated – is important in the context of reproduction. If that, for whatever reason, is not possible through sexual intercourse, masturbation offers a way out. However, daily masturbation is not sensible, because in that case the number of sperm cell per milliliter falls too sharply.

Perhaps masturbation in a sociological sense is comparable with the ambivalent stigmatization of the single individual as opposed to the individual in a permanent relationship. The former is not only pathetic because he or she lacks love and care, but is also selfish. The same thing may apply to the adult masturbator: they are alone, pathetic and selfish. That applies of course to both men and women. I fear that for many people it will be a long time before they achieve non-compulsive, fantasy-filled masturbation. The same applies to adequate sex education for our children. It will definitely never reach the point where masturbation lessons take their place alongside swimming and traffic-awareness lessons. That can only happen when we have left behind the eternal glorification of sex issuing in sexual intercourse behind us. That attempt is no doubt doomed to failure. The reality is that the number of singles is rising. Masturbation has a deeply murky past, but solitary sex has a “golden future” ahead of it.

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  • Paul Meenan

    Apparently the other 11 months you just practice for May’s big event. Today’s June 1st… better get started!

    • fuckyou40

      I’m way ahead of you.  I’ve been practicing all morning.  I want to be the best!

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