Dear Anderson

Video via one of my favorite blogs, The Randy Report ~

Dear Anderson ~

I have a few questions:  How did this woman get on your show?  Was she forced on you?  Was she there by accident?

Doubtful.  People don’t just appear on national television.  For example, I have never been just kind of wandering by Columbus Circle and found myself the focal point of a segment on a talk show.  I don’t know a lot about tv, but I know enough to know that ain’t how it works.  No, you either invited her on or she reached out to you and you said yes.  Then you brought her on and feigned disgust as if you had nothing to do with her being there.  You invited her into your “home” and then treated her with disdain for doing exactly what knew she would do ~ what you wanted her to do.  If you had nothing to say to her ~ if she had nothing to say ~ why was she there?  Please tell me that you brought her on with the expectation that you two would delve into the minutiae of fiscal policy only to have the entire conversation derailed by talk of Beyoncé’s sweat and the fact that she injects her daughter with Botox.

Was the entire thing planned?  It does appear that everyone got what they wanted.  She got her fifteen minutes ~ well, seconds.  And you got a viral video.  Who loses?  The American public.  Because seriously, who gives a rat’s ass about this woman or her Botoxed daughter?

Sincerely, Ian Rosen

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Ian In: Write the Power
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