Secret Service Scandal Widens & I Am Shocked.

From the article Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Wider Than Believed:  Susan Collins via The Huffington Post ~

Lieberman said 64 allegations or complaints of sexual misconduct were made against Secret Service employees in the last five years.

Three of those, Lieberman said, were complaints of inappropriate relationships with a foreign national and one of “nonconsensual intercourse,” on which he didn’t have enough information to elaborate. Sullivan said that complaint was investigated by outside law enforcement officers, who decided not to prosecute.

Thirty other cases involved alcohol, Lieberman said, almost all relating to driving under the influence.

Sullivan also told the committee an agent was fired in a 2008 Washington prostitution episode, after trying to hire an uncover police officer.

Charles Edwards, the inspector general at the Homeland Security Department conducting his own probe, and Sullivan discussed an episode from the 2002 Olympics when at least three agents were caught in a rowdy, drunken party in the agents’ hotel rooms with college-age women under 21, the legal drinking age.

They were accused of plying the women with alcohol, and two were accused of but not charged with sexual misconduct. One agent was charged with disorderly conduct. The agents involved left the Secret Service, Edwards and Sullivan said.

And my personal favorite line in the article ~

…two participants were Secret Service supervisors – one with 21 years of service and the other with 22 years – and both were married.

Maybe we need to rethink our country’s policy of allowing openly straight people to serve in high level positions.

…both were married.

That doesn’t sound much like a sacred bond to me.

Dear Focus on the Family ~

Why aren’t you focused on destroying these families?  Where’s your outrage?  Where’s the media campaign?

Please advise.

Sincerely, Ian



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