The Real Reason Amy Kushnir is Upset

Dear Amy Kushnir, Duck Dynasty cretins, Benham brothers, Adam Carolla, and every other human being who has ever squealed about their First Amendment rights being taken or lamented the rise of the Gaystapo, the Gay Mafia, or the Gay Thought Police or who has worried about the rise of “gaytheism.” (Personally, I love “gaytheism” and intend to use it to describe my own personal religious views.)

This letter goes out to all of you ~

The reason you’re angry is quite simple, and understandable really. In a sense, I feel bad for you, because your world has changed so radically, shifted so quickly, so thoroughly, that you don’t know which end is up.

The shift I’m referring to is that your LGBT bigotry is no longer a monologue. When you speak, when you spew your bile, we are no longer content to remain silent. No longer content to sit idly by as our lives get ripped apart by those who have never met us yet would do us harm. No longer content to internalize your prejudices. No longer content to live in fear. No longer content to accept that for us to use the correct pronouns for our dates, lovers, spouses, whatever, is somehow inappropriate. No longer content to agree that being honest about who we are is “subjecting” anyone to anything. No longer content to kiss in the shadows and celebrate our lives under a cloak of shame, out of the view of anyone who might be made uncomfortable by any expression of our love. No longer content to allow you to define our lives with your hate by remaining silent to your attacks.

We have reached the conclusion that there is nothing at all shameful about being gay, but there is something deeply shameful about a society that condemns us.

I do feel for you, because you expect your bigotry to be a monologue and in a very short amount of time we have turned it into a dialogue. It seems to me that you have no logical, rational response when we speak. You aren’t capable of maintaining a debate, because your position can’t bear the weight of scrutiny. So you resort to more subtle forms of prejudice. You take different tacks. You lie. And you jump up and down screaming about your First Amendment rights.

Let me make this crystal clear for you: What you are experiencing is not the usurpation of your First Amendment rights. It is the LGBT community, possibly for the first time, en masse, fully utilizing ours.


Roger Ian Rosen

Posted on May 22, 2014 by Ian In: All, Current Events/Pop Culture/Politics, Featured Posts, Inside Voice, Write the Power
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