An Open Letter to Peter LaBarbera Regarding Keeping Marriage from the Gays Because Our Sex is Yucky

Dear Petey ~

Recently, you were a guest on Janet Mefferd’s radio talk show.  You and she discussed the marriage equality bill in Illinois.  During the course of this conversation you asked the (I’m guessing) rhetorical question:  “How do two guys consummate their marriage?

You then proceeded to answer the question yourself:  “Yuck.”

Oh, Pete!  This is your best shot?  Seriously?  After all your years spent in the trenches of professional hate-mongering, you’re reverting to the oldest anti-LGBT rhetoric?  Really had to reach to the back of the sock drawer for that one, huh?  You don’t want us to get married…because you think our sex…is yucky?  You’re using yuck as a legal argument ~ a legal, philosophical and moral argument ~ for creating and maintaining discriminatory laws?

Has your well run so dry ~ is [continue reading...]

March 10, 2013
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Dear Chris Culliver and All the Other Straight Men Who Fear that Gay Guys in the Locker Room Are Looking at You “That Way” ~

Let me spare you the suspense:  Yes.  Yes we are.

But you’re missing the silver lining.  Most of you are incredibly unattractive.  Truly.  On the whole, y’all have no idea how unattractive you are.  And since you’re not attracted to men yourselves and you’re too hung up on being labeled gay to even entertain the notion that another dude might be handsome, you simply have no idea what an attractive man might look like.  And trust me, an attractive man is not you.  I can not tell you the number of times I’ve been in a locker room with a guy taking off his clothes and thought to myself, “Oh, for the love of all that is good and holy, cover up.  With a towel.  Or a sheet.  A tarp.  Whatever.  Just cover. that. [continue reading...]

January 31, 2013
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Dear Media ~ Stop Having Crazy Gun People On Your Shows!

I’m begging you, you gotta stop having the 2nd Amendment/Must Arm Ourselves As Protection From Government Tyranny people on your shows.  Just stop.

Why?  Why, in a country with Freedom of Speech would you not have certain people on your shows?  Because this is not a Freedom of Speech issue, it’s a “not all opinions are equal” issue.  You do it all the time.  You self-police.  You edit.  You no longer ask members of the KKK to come on and give their opinions about race relations in the country.  (You still invite professional gayhaters on your shows and ask them to present their opinions as if they’re valid, but that’s another post altogether.  This time I’d like to stick to the gun issue.)  Every time you invite someone who espouses the view that they need unlimited access to military grade weapons in order to prevent government tyranny you are turning your [continue reading...]

January 9, 2013
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Dear President Obama ~ No More Heroes

I, like most Americans, spent the weekend watching and not watching and watching and not watching the Sandy Hook coverage.  Unable to take in such a massive tragedy yet compelled to reach for answers to unanswerable questions.  Hoping to make sense of the nonsensical.

On Saturday night, as my husband and I sat watching the news, too under the weather and stunned by Friday’s horrors to attend our yearly circuit of holiday parties, we heard how 27 year old Vicki Soto had protected her class:  by putting them in closets, by hiding them in her classroom so that the shooter might not see them.  It worked.  Vicki Soto’s students survived.  She did not.

My husband, a fifth grade teacher, turned to me and said, “There’s nowhere in my class to hide my kids.”

I had to make [continue reading...]

December 17, 2012
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A Brief Letter to Jimmy Walker, Who Does Not Think Marriage Equality is Dy-No-Mite!

Jimmy’s own words, Via The Randy Report ~

“There’s just certain traditions that need to be upheld. I’ll give you the other side of it — no, it doesn’t affect me, no, it doesn’t change my life. There’s just traditions that need to be dealt with. I’m a believer that gay marriage should be passed because the battle is not worth the war. The gay lobby is very loud. I’m totally against it.

“In 100 years from now, people are going to go, ‘Who was against gay marriage?’ And I’ll be one of those idiots and say, ‘That’s me.’ I’m just against it on moral grounds, that’s it. I’m as much a heathen as anybody. I just don’t believe on moral grounds it should be done. I don’t like it, I don’t accept [continue reading...]

July 17, 2012
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Dear Anderson Cooper ~ THANK YOU!

Dear Anderson ~

I am a middle-aged gay man and I just want to thank you.  Thank you for coming out of the closet today.  For saying to the world, “I’m gay.”  Of course, the graphic above is funny ~ and I personally will do anything for a laugh, so I had to share it ~ but don’t let it undermine the fact that what you did today was important.  Whatever we knew, or thought we knew, we needed to hear you say it.  It is the most important thing we can do for our LGBT children.  You have become another gay person they can look to when they hear words like “immoral” ~ when they hear angry voices condemning them ~ when they witness polls being taken and votes being cast which conspire to tell them that their equality is far from a reality ~ when they hear debates which [continue reading...]

July 2, 2012
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Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

Dear Sarah ~

Amidst the Affordable Care Act hullaballoo yesterday the Supreme Court also ruled on another case, Stolen Valor.  In a nutshell, the Stolen Valor Act became law in 2005, making it illegal to lie about one’s military service.  The Supreme Court struck down that law by ruling that it is an infringement on our right to free speech.  Ok.  So, at least to some extent, lying is protected speech.  (Read more about the case and the Supreme Court verdict here.)

Here’s where I get confused.  Everyday ~ day in, day out ~ I read about people such as yourself who believe that we are a Christian nation and that the Constitution is based on the Bible.  I read it over and over and over again.  The Constitution is based on the [continue reading...]

June 29, 2012
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Suze Orman on Marriage ~ & Financial ~ Equality

Dear GOProud ~

Suze Orman agrees with me ~ marriage equality is financial equality; marriage inequality is financial inequality.  If you’re all about money and the economy, how can you so easily dismiss the fact that your candidate, Mitt Romney, doesn’t believe in economic equality for gays and lesbians?

Please advise.



P.S. Inexplicably, I can’t get the Suze Orman video to embed…so click here to view.

June 25, 2012
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Tony Perkins Equates Homosexuality with Drunkenness & Yet I’ve Never Had a Problem Driving Under the Influence of Gay

Via The Randy Report ~

While hosting a radio show, Tony Perkins, of the SPLC certified hate group the Family Research Council, explained to a concerned caller why he spends so much time on gay issues and not ~ you know ~ on actual problems ~

“The month of June is Gay Pride Month,” Perkins declares. He went on to note, “Now, I have not yet seen where they have declared Adultery Pride Month, I have not seen where they have declared the Drunkenness Pride Month,” before adding that “we’re not celebrating those other forms as a society, we’re not promoting [them] and teaching [them] as normal in our schools.”

Dear Tony ~

I propose that, in tandem with Pride Month, we also make June “Obsessed with Gay Pride Month,”  in celebration of the [continue reading...]

June 13, 2012
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CA Official Beats His Stepson…For Not Catching a Baseball

We get this video via one of my favorite blogs, The Randy Report ~

This explanation, also from The Randy Report ~

In the above video, see Anthony Sanchez, of California’s Imperial Valley, beating his 10-year-old step-son with a belt, apparently because the boy has difficulty catching a baseball. The footage was shot by Sanchez’s neighbor, Oscar Lopez, who rather stirringly disrupts the domestic violence in the video’s final seconds.

Dear American Family Association, Focus on the Family, National Organization for Marriage and all other opponents of marriage equality ~

If you were anything more than anti-gay bigots, and if you really believed in “protecting” the family, wouldn’t you be criss-crossing the country making sure that this man’s marriage to the mother of the child he’s beating is invalid?

Please advise.


June 10, 2012
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