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I am, in no particular order, a ~ 

Young activist.  Old gypsy.  Angry gay.  Laughter enthusiast.  Passionate complainer.  Nervous rebel.  Word obsessor.  Language lover.  Early in life baritone.  Later in life voice finder.  Reluctant non-smoker.  Loving husband to my husband of 14 years.  Step-father.  Uncle.  Son.  Son-in-law.  Brother.  Brother-in-law.  Lover of scotch.  Father of two puppies:  Bernstein & Wilbur.  Neighbor.  Friend.  Reverend.  (Yes, I was ordained online and can legally marry you ~ provided you can be legally married and that I don’t deem your union to have the power to precipitate the downfall of Western civilization.)

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