No More Christian Mingle Spam?

Tired of receiving spam from Christian Mingle, I thought I’d set up an account.

My profile said:

I am a happily married gay man, but since I keep getting Christian Mingle spam and you keep popping up on my fb page, I thought I’d set up an account.

That is what they’re hoping for, right?

Upon reading my profile and discovering that I am married, they immediately sent me this email:

I sent back this response:

To which they responded:

I suppose I could have just clicked on the Do Not Email link myself, but frankly I found this method more adventurous.

Now…how do I get them off of my Facebook page?

P.S.  Does anyone else find it remarkable that you can be divorced on Christian Mingle?  I thought that wasn’t allowed.  Pick and choose, pick and choose.

Posted on Apr 11, 2013 by Ian In: All, Inside Voice
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